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Excerpt from a novel

November 3, 2016

‘There is only one worthwhile philosophical issue in the modern era given what we know of history.’

‘You’ve been keeping that to yourself.’

‘It goes against our nature,’ she leaned her head back and yawned. ‘It’s counter intuitive. Those of us who have children, you and me for instance, are making the same entry-level error as Dr Frankenstein.’

‘Creating monsters?’

‘Certainly not. The creature is the victim.’

‘Oh, I thought he terrorised villagers in Eastern Europe.’

‘The story resonates because it is a projection of our guilt at creating life and, consequently, death.’

‘Sounds like psychobabble to me.’ I lit a cigarette and Avril took one too.

She said, inhaling thoughtfully, ‘The death of the author’s mother shortly after giving birth to her, and then the death of the author’s own baby, inspired the tale…’

‘I hope you don’t tell the first-year this stuff.’

Another level of rain fell and it drummed on the roof of the car, keeping time to the conversation.

She continued, ‘A dead child and the fallout from an Indonesian volcano.’

‘What a depressing thought.’ I watched a snail ascending the windscreen dashed by the heavy droplets. ‘Is this on the curriculum?’

‘I mean by creating a sentient creature, we have done the same thing as the good doctor. The method of creation is irrelevant.’

‘I seldom think of Roddy as a sentient creature. God love him.’

‘I sometimes wonder whether Roddy wants children himself.’

‘He’s never said. But I never said either. It seems to have just happened. And I’m glad it did, of course.’

‘I’m glad too. Very glad, now that he is back in our lives. But it makes no sense. I mean, we’re always going to be in or between wars.’

‘You have to have someone to pass the misery on to.’

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