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Enthusiastic Atheism

September 2, 2016

I find it odd  that people complain of ‘devout’ & ‘fundamental’ atheists, when for thousands of years those that have been brave enough to point out the obvious flaws in the ever-changing characters of a myriad of  gods, have been denounced and persecuted for, in effect, not believing other people’s fairy stories and implausible and baseless ideas of origin. After all, we are almost now all atheists to some lesser or greater degree. (How many still follow the ancient gods of Greece or Egypt?).

I also object that atheism is considered some kind of rebelious and negative position. It is not. It is the default position or starting point for any thinking person (who has not been indoctrinated from birth) and does not represent anything ‘unorthodox’.

I should not, for example, describe anyone as a non-Christian or a non-anything (non-black, Non-white…) It is at least rude if not divisive, and certainly presumptuous, to label people this way.

If you want to define yourself as something then, please, go ahead (and you will, of course. And I will support your right to be that thing however delusional it may seem to me). But then please don’t categorise others as a ‘non- YOUR thing’.

EKE. Thinking aloud, a non-atheist would perhaps have to be a polytheist!?



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