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The Decline of Western Ideals

November 18, 2015

The more I travel, the more I realise what a safe haven Britain is in particular, and the western world is in general. By good fortune, geographical circumstance, technological, philosophical advance and endeavour we have created a liberal democracy that, although far from perfect, in principle at least, relentlessly champions Free Speech, Freedom of Thought, Democracy and Tolerance.

Perhaps we need to realise how lucky we are in these islands and not talk so conceitedly of British Values, but the values of western democracy that our ancestors fought and died for.

Our tolerance, rightfully celebrated, can go too far. Under the guise of inclusivity, it seems we are tolerating, and being apologists for, the infiltration of our society by those that hold and practice brutal, primitive and fascists ideas. Forty years ago, Honour Killings, People Trafficking, FGM, Breast Ironing, Witchcraft, Slavery, Persecution of Homosexuals, Sexual Inequality, Child Sacrifice, Gender Abortions, Forced Marriages, Cruelty to Animals and sectarian violence… were things either almost completely abolished, totally unacceptable, on the decline, or never heard of in mainland Britain (Events in Northern Ireland being a shameful reminder of how close we are to chaos).

All these have manifested on a large scale over the last two decades.

Some of those people that the west (and Britain in particular) have traditionally, and commendably, given asylum to since the second world war are seeing the terrors and ideologies that they fled following them as insidious and superstitious values are now home grown, or imported into, their safe haven. Our great humanitarian traditions, aspirations and ideals(albeit flawed and occasionally flouted) are now being overwhelmed and negated by those that would kill and torture us in our own countries.


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