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Inspirational Albums from The Seventies

January 7, 2013

Last track, side oneinspirational albums from the seventies


The LP came of age in the seventies, left school and started bringing in the money. Tape recording technology peaked with the advancement of multi-track machines and automated mixing desks. There was a growing emphasis on presentation and production. The vinyl medium itself began to inspire the music. The side one/two format increasingly influenced the way tracks were recorded and the order in which they appeared.


Following the sixties and the lead of Sgt Pepper, a glut of “concept” albums emerged where individual tracks were part of a greater whole. Notable success in this exciting, albeit over indulgent field, being Tarkas, Ziggy Stardust, Captain Fantastic, Quark, Strangeness and Charm, Quadrophenia and Dark Side of the Moon. An Album, even when not peddling a connective theme became a programme of music, not just the ten best songs compiled during a certain period of time.


Unfortunately, the seventies only lasted ten years – the eighties in contrast went on forever…


See further posts for album reviews.


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