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Reports from a Congested Planet

Florence. September 2017. Pushing through the crowds, I felt a little uneasy by the mass of humanity, including me, swarming over an old city like ants over the carcass of a dead giant – reminding me of the crowd scene in Nathanael West’s Hollywood novel, Day of the Locust.



Human Evolution

It’s as if someone has taken this super organic computer, with seemingly limitless potential, and attached it to a crocodile

Dangerous Ideas

It is not only the hard-won freedom of speech that’s under threat in the West — it is also freedom of thought.

Our True Nature

Until we realise and acknowledge our true nature, there can be no significant progress. The idea that somehow our civilisations are working for the good of all humankind and all the creatures of the planet, is false.

We have to ask ourselves, what is the end game in increasing our cities and our fundamentally rotten cultures?

Growth for the sake of growth has to end.

A deluded minority live in relative comfort, and some in luxury. But the net amount of suffering in the world is greater now than in all of recorded history.



Are the common forms of severe depression really disorders? Or are they a consequence of imagination and awareness?

Imagine if the past was the future. How would you feel?


Ask yourself: Is it love that makes you worship and grovel to your god? Or is it abject fear?


Distraction is the key to contentment: but also the reason we are prone to perpetuate this ugly farce. The empires, societies and civilisations we have built, stand on foundations of falsehood, injustice and self-deception.

Distraction is the shiny bead we offer the native before we steal his land and sow his blankets with smallpox.